What We Are Doing

We are on a year-long trip, driving around the western U.S., hoping to figure out some things. We are still determining what those things are. To figure that out, we are interviewing intellectuals, artists, writers, activists, and the average person, asking them questions about their careers, interests, and perceptions about what life is all about. In so doing, we are hoping to glean some wisdom and use this blog as a repository for our findings. Asking questions about what we were doing with our lives, why we were so stressed, why we never felt contented, led us to this journey of asking questions to others.

Hopefully you will join us–check out the Education tab at the top for information to participate in the interviews and suggest your own questions of the people we are going to meet with.

Along the way, we will be posting about our beloved Toyota Tacoma (newly christened “Ove”) that we are living out of as well as our past experiences living tiny and simply. We fully understand that minimalism is all the rage right now. We kind of feel like hipster-wannabes on a walkabout. We kind of like the ideas behind all of those cliches, just not the cliches themselves.

So welcome to our blog; may you find something valuable from it.

Kristen and Dave

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Nobody Speak: My Book Challenge, Free Press, and Ramifications

I am an introvert,
so I use books to fill in the spaces that others fill with conversations. This may not be the most effective means of learning about others, but I think it allows me a wider world perspective than I could possibly enjoy otherwise. It also makes me more cognizant of the lives of the humans around me. Instead of seeing stereotypes, as I am so wont to do, books remind me that people with rich histories inhabit the bodies around me. 

What does any of this have to do with freedom of speech?

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