Nobody Speak: My Book Challenge, Free Press, and Ramifications

I am an introvert, so I use books to fill in the spaces that others fill with conversations. This may not be the most effective means of learning about others, but I think it allows me a wider world perspective than I could possibly enjoy otherwise. It also makes me more cognizant of the lives of the humans around me. Instead of seeing stereotypes, as I am so wont to do, books remind me that people with rich histories inhabit the bodies around me.  What does any of this have to do with freedom of speech?

6 Lessons for When Staying at a Hostel

What I would have told/reminded myself of before going to stay at a climbers' hostel in California... Use your rhetoric masters degree and know your freaking audience. God. Do not waltz in wearing a clean, pretty print dress. It doesn't matter that you are wearing dirty Chacos, or that the dress is one of the … Continue reading 6 Lessons for When Staying at a Hostel

Truck Set-Up Cost Breakdown

Before starting the trip, we created a budget, anticipating how much money we needed up front to get us on the road. After going through roughly 3-4 different set-up options, we decided to tent camp and stick primarily to traveling around the western U.S. See our blog about why here. Below, you will find our … Continue reading Truck Set-Up Cost Breakdown

Status and Work Anxiety: What is living the “good” life anyway?

I'm torn. Here's the deal. I'm in the process of submitting work to a job I don't know if I want. Because the position is remote, they have me doing multiple writing prompts to make sure I am going to work for what they need, which is an online content writer. I should mention that … Continue reading Status and Work Anxiety: What is living the “good” life anyway?