This page will house links to our interviews on YouTube, as well as alert you to upcoming interviews. We are working on getting a discussion board up for you all to make suggestions/comments on questions for various interviewees or suggestions for who to interview. Please be patient as Kristen is internet-stupid and all of this has a decent learning curve she is currently trudging up.

Also, keep an eye out for our blog posts about the interviewees’ respective works and books, as we will be reading their work before interviewing them. We are planning on raffling off the books we read, so stay posted to learn how to get a free, awesome book!

Other possible interviewees and a general map of our trip stops are all here.

Recent Interviews

Erin Stalcup – NAU Lecturer, author of And Yet It Moves – Image result for audio content symbol

Upcoming Interviews


Stacy Murison – past fundraiser for NPR, current Instructor at NAU and writer, her work can be found in Hobart, River Teeth Journal, Mcsweeney’s Internet Tendency, Assay: A Journal of nonfiction Studies, Queen mob’s Tea House, and Flash Fiction Magazine among others. 

Karen Renner – NAU Senior Lecturer, author of Evil Children in the Popular Imagination and editor of The ‘Evil’ Child in Literature, Film, and Popular Culture and Representations of the Apocalypse.

Nicole Walker – Associate Professor at NAU, author of Egg, Micrograms, Bending Genre, and Quench Your Thirst with Salt

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