Truck Set-Up

I know this is an important page… I need to fill it out… I will add more to it soon… I promise! In the meantime, here are a couple of bad a** initial pictures of what Dave has already done to Ove (our truck).

As you can see below, Dave built out the bottom of the truck bed, which goes just above the wheel wells. In the back is pocket storage that will house our lesser-used items like backpacks for long hiking trips and out-of-season clothing. In the front, you can see a drawer that pulls out onto the tailgate when open. The sink drain goes right through the bottom of the drawer and into a bucket that will rest on the ground. The drawer will also function as our kitchen area, so you can see our Partner Steel camping stove inside. Also inside the drawer is the inverter (which we will connect to our flexible solar panel when we need to charge electronics), lithium phosphate battery (can completely drain it with no issues), and water pump for sink and shower head that will be attachable.

More information and pictures to come.


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